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June 2, 2019

5 Benefits Of Laptop Insurance | Laptop Insurance | Hotstopblog.com

Today we are going to tell you 5 Benefits Of Laptop Insurance. Over a past few years, technology has improved a lot in terms of almost everything one can imagine and gadgets are one of them. Yes! Gadgets, not just items of luxury, but have now become a necessity for everyone, be it smartphones, laptops or tablets.

Here, we are discussing about laptop. Laptops are embraced because of the technological tools they offer with their portability. Not only it has become popular for home use but for schools, colleges and offices also.


Several advantages exist for using laptops can be easily carried to any location, highly portable, gets more work done and can be used instantly.

It does everything, from allowing you to manage your personal and professional work on one single device to make a status in terms of spending abilities and styles.

People are spending or say investing more than ever on laptops, the cost of which can easily go up to thousands or lakhs because why not? It is convenient and useful to everyone no matter what age.

We spend our hard earned money on them then why we never think of getting our gadgets insured? Just like any other good of value, a laptop too, is at potential risk of being stolen.

Not only theft, being an electronic device, laptops are susceptible to hardware or software damage or failure which may cause due to an accident, liquid spillage, drop, screen crack or several other reasons.

broken screen

Considering all these reasons, the only better and wise decision for one is to get their laptop insured, to protect in case of any damage which may be caused to the device. Not many laptop users are aware of laptop insurance or are willing to buy it.

Theft of gadgets has become common now a days, making it important for the users to insure their devices. For high end laptops, the protection is even more important as they are very profitable targets for thieves.

Top 5 Benefits Of Laptop Insurance

  1. Coverage against fire, strike, riot & theft.
  2. Coverage against accidental damage.
  3. Coverage against LCD screen burning or gets dimmer over time.
  4. Coverage against internal failure like RAM chip, Hard drive & charging port etc.
  5. Coverage against damage from smallest falls.



Advantages of Laptop Insurance

Here, you will get to know about the various advantages which laptop insurance offers, making it more of a requirement now a days

  • For instance, you recently purchased laptops for your business and you wish to safeguard them from theft or any kind of damage. A laptop insurance or extended warranty policies can help you in that regard and why not? You invested in them for long term and not planning to buy them again.
  • A laptop insurance policy is a smart decision if you hold a history of being stolen or broken your previous laptops and even if you don’t then also it’s a wise decision because of the uncertain future.
  • Laptops are something important which you rely on for your day to day personal and professional work and would need an immediate replacement, if anything were to happen to your device. Laptop insurance will take care of all that.
  • Just like life insurance policies for human beings, investing in gadget insurance is a necessity. It provides you with a sense of security, immediate replacement of your device if broken or damage due to any reason, to claim if lost or stolen.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How much can you get from State Farm insurance when car is broken into and items (laptop, backpack, broken window) stolen?

Ans1. Unless the stolen items were somehow connected (electronically or otherwise) to the vehicle, they are not covered by the comprehensive (or collision) coverage on the vehicle.

The broken window is covered subject to the deductible under the vehicle’s comprehensive coverage for the cost to repair it.


Q2. I have just bought a new laptop, should I get insurance for it?

Ans2. In case your Laptop suffers from damages such as screen crack, side crack,Internal damage,display problem,water spills etc. or gets lost or stolen, insurer would compensate it or repair it. So it is a good option to get your laptop insured.

Though when you buy a new Laptop manufacturer gives you warranty for one year, which covers only technical or software glitches not any damage or lost/theft cases, but as soon as the warranty period expires you are left completely on your own.


Q3. What are some common type of damages covered by laptop insurance?

Ans3. Common damages are actually covered in insurance plans are:-

• LCD burnout

• Internal damages

• Hard drive failure

• Drops, spills and cracked screens

• Broken Headphone Jack

• Failures due to normal wear and tear

• Defects in materials and workmanship

• Battery failure

• Loose charging port

• Cracked laptop case

• Wifi Failures


Q4. Which insurance companies in India provide laptop insurance services?

Ans4. Top 5 Best Laptop Insurance Company In India:


Q5. What is the best way to insure a laptop?

Ans5. I would definitely recommend using an Amex credit card (either Plat or Premier Rewards Gold) to purchase expensive electronic devices. These two cards provide up to 10000 bucks coverage against theft, damage and even misplace. They also provides extended warranty.


FAQ Source: Quora


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