Advantages of Smartphones |

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June 2, 2019

Advantages of Smartphones |

Hi Folks. Today I am going to tell you some Advantages of Smartphones and why Keypad phone are disappearing from the market. So stay connected and Read full article.

Due to advancement in technology today everyone wants to be updated with the gadgets. Keypad phones or basic phones also got replaced by smartphones because with smartphones entering in the market, people now only want to purchase them as the keypad phones only fulfilled the primary purpose of calling and sending text messages. Keypad phones have the basic features of making and receiving calls, sending and receiving text messages, calculator, alarm, torch, basic internet and cameras with low pixels. The reason it got replaced with smartphones.

Smart Phone

On the other hand, smartphones are cell phones that are similar to a mini computer or say they themselves are mini computers that can place and receive calls. Technically, a smartphone is a cellphone with advanced features that allows computing capability and connectivity, but a cell phone is not smart.

Smartphones are available in market in different prices and brands, with different and unique features in them which truly has made easier for people to choose according to their favorite brand, need and buying capacity.

Now the biggest question that arises is why smartphones over keypad or cellphones? So, here is the Advantages of Smartphones People have started buying smartphones because they offer a variety of features and basic phones have become less common as well as technology is increasing at an exponential rate due to which  people now require more features other than calling and texting.

Keypad Phone

The next question that arises is what features does smartphones offer, what are the essentials and what makes them different and unique from that of keypad or basic phones? Here, you will get to know the features smartphones offer, making it more of a requirement nowadays:

Advantages of Smartphones

  • Screen:

    Smartphones comes in different screen sizes making it comfortable for its users. People can buy big screens if they are interested in photography or watching videos on bigger screens, if you have small hands then you don’t want to use bigger screens that cannot be used single handed then you can buy phones with smaller screens and same features. How cool is that?

  • Connectivity: 

    Smartphones offer connectivity which keypad phones cannot offer. Smartphones provides you internet and with data plan you can access the internet. You can also connect to Wi-Fi hotspots, which helps in processing data faster. They can be connected to Bluetooth devices very easily.

  • Camera:

    This gram generation demands everything perfect and wants to capture every moment, which keypad phones with their low pixel cameras cannot provide with. Smartphones camera has become important and the quality of its shots is getting better. It gives you the ability to click anytime and anywhere. They have high pixel cameras at the back as well as in front which lets you click selfies (wink) and video chat with your loved ones.

  • Processing Power: 

    Smartphones have great processing power to carry out the tasks like GPS, music streaming, video streaming, web browsing and 4G connectivity. They are coming with astonishing processing power because it performs all the above mentioned tasks on the daily basis.

  • Battery life: 

    As smartphones are not just only used for placing calls/texts, they perform several other functions also. So, they come up with enough battery life that last longer for a day if the user is using it continuously throughout the day.

So, now you know what is better for you! What are you waiting for then? Make smart decision and replace your keypad phones with smartphones.


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